3 Products to give your lips a gorgeous pouty look

On days when you’re not sure you want to wear a lot of makeup, choose to let your lips do the talking. This post will give you the tips you need to get the perfect pouty look with ease.

Makeup done right always requires a little pre-preparation. To get your lips ready, start with exfoliation and moisturisation.

Exfoliation simply means removing dry skin. Dry flakey lips tend to appear smaller. You could also use a toothbrush and a little sugar from your kitchen. Scrub the sugar gently on your lips, leave it for a while and then wash it off with warm water. Include this in your daily routine for healthy, rosier lips.

Apply a lip moisturiser immediately after exfoliating. This will keep them moist and supple. Get out of the habit of licking your lips too often, it reduces their natural moisture. Drink a lot of water. Remember how cracked and chapped they get when you’re thirsty? Also consider using a hydrating lip balm, preferably non-tinted and non-flavoured.

The most essential products you’d need would be -
Lip primer to get started
A lip primer exfoliates, moisturises and conceals.  It should thus, have a place in your makeup kit. Apply the lip line carefully to merge with your skin tone. Apart from giving a smooth finish and providing a base, it will also provide an even tone and allow the true tint of your lipstick to show, leaving your lips ready for some colour.

If you want to try advanced makeup techniques, use contouring and highlighting. Contouring helps manipulate the dimensions of any area of your body, for example, the jawline, forehead or, of course, the lips. Use a contour and highlighter palette to create a shadow and light effect. Apply contour on the centre of the lower lip and the top of your upper lip. Finish with highlighting the cupid’s bow.

Lip liner for definition
The most basic hack to make your lips look fuller and pouty is to use a lip liner beyond the shape of your lips. Be careful not to overdo it. Start with choosing a colour that compliments your skin tone and draw slightly over the natural line.

Lipstick to finish
Once you achieve the desired shape with the liner, fill it in with matching lip colour. Although you could choose from a variety of options, Non-transfer lipsticks will always give you the best results.

These fashion cosmetics are sure to up your drop-dead-gorgeous pout look. To get the glamorous pouty look, head to our website to get these products now.

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