High-Definition Make-up, why it's essential

Cosmetics essentially conceal flaws, mask blemishes, and can make you look gorgeous. The pigments and formulations are designed to mix with skin seamlessly to create a look that you desire or just appear flawless and perfect.

So what then, is HD makeup? And why is it steadily becoming so popular?

It starts off with the evolution of technology, as a matter of fact. The introduction of high-definition cameras posed a challenge to makeup artists since HD lenses could effortlessly capture and feature the existence of wrinkles, blemishes, and scars, even with makeup. This pushed the fashion and makeup industry to undergo an evolution as well. Enter the age of HD makeup where products like high definition foundation are the new norm. This type of makeup can produce a smooth, natural, non-cakey appearance making it perfect for the latest in high-definition filming.


high definition foundation


The Difference

The only difference between conventional makeup and HD makeup is the products. The materials used for HD makeup are high-end with lighter textures that provide better coverage, often preferable for modern cameras. This makeup also mixes in effortlessly, hiding scars that are evident when ordinary makeup is applied. It is specifically designed to appear natural.

HD Makeup


How it’s applied

The best way for any cosmetic application - make sure everything is perfectly blended. When applying the foundation, there should be no visible line between your face and your neck. Your eyelids should be free of any sharp or harsh lines, even your lipstick should be slick. Any faults will be significantly more visible in 4K resolution. So, blend as much as possible. The proper way to achieve this is to pick the correct shade of foundation that matches your skin tone, as well as to prime your skin.

The benefits

HD makeup is beneficial since it conceals all the blemishes on your skin and gives you a natural, non-dramatic or over-the-top appearance.
  • Imparts a natural, ‘your skin, but better’ look
  • Specially designed to look good on higher definition cameras
  • Doesn’t feel heavy, so it’s comfortable to wear for long hours
  • Hydrates your skin, so it looks youthful and moisturised

Remember, makeup is only as good as the person applying it, so if you want to achieve that HD picture-perfect look, practise frequently. At Fashion Colour, we believe every woman has the right to look good and feel confident, hence, to make this possible we come up with only the best skin care products that you can use as modern fashion cosmetics.

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