Must have Fashion cosmetics for quick touch-ups

Do you look at others’ fresh faces with glowing makeup in the evening and wonder how your makeup fades within just a few hours? If you’re heading for a party, dinner or an office soiree, keeping your high definition makeup looking intact, a quick touch-up might be required. Here is a list of things you’ll need for a touch-up: -

Blotting paper and Concealer
Blotting paper is a lifesaver that absorbs all the excess oil from your skin without leaving your foundation cakey or patchy. Wrap it around your beauty sponge and dab your face, especially on oily patches. Touch up with concealer, if required, and use a sponge to smoothen it out.

Compact and Blush
Dust some compact powder onto a brush and delicately apply the blush to your cheeks. This will freshen up your look.

A runny eyeliner can be fixed in a minute, just be very careful while clearing the eyeliner as it could spread and ruin your entire makeup. Take a cotton swab dipped in a little moisturiser and wipe it clean. Now, reapply your sketch eyeliner neatly. If you plan to wear a different colour or change the shape to match your look, you’d want to do it with a bit of precision.

If the sun has been too harsh and your eye shadow has developed cracks, simply smoothen it with your fingertip. You could also create a smokey effect using an eyeshadow brush to smudge it a little.

Eye makeup is the highlight of a bold look. Travelling for long hours can cause smudging of your kajal. Wipe it clean with a cotton swab and reapply it. It’s best to use a waterproof kajal pencil to keep our eyes  looking bold and beautiful.

It takes but a sip of coffee or a bite of a snack for your lip colour to smudge or bleed. Wipe off your faded lipstick with tissue paper and moisturise your lips before applying the colour of choice.

You will never regret carrying a pocket mirror in your bag even with a smartphone. Nothing is quite as handy as a pocket mirror to quickly check your teeth or makeup.

To add a finishing touch, a spritz of perfume is all you need. A mini perfume bottle is the perfect add-on to the fashion cosmetics must-haves in your bag. After all, when you smell good you feel good.

If these seven things have a place in your bag, your makeup game will always be on fleek. For the right place to buy the best makeup online, head to our website now.

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