3 Reasons the Importance of Facials and Skin Care | Fashion Colour

3 Reasons the Importance of Facials and Skin Care | Fashion Colour

Home facials are perfect for a 360-degree DIY skincare routine. There is nothing like the feeling of gliding your fingers over your face and feeling nothing but soft feathered skin. Facials offer much more than a daily routine that one follows for good skin care. Along with deep cleansing the skin, they destress, calm the nerves, and reduce anxiety levels.

Give yourself a completely rejuvenating natural and non-toxic DIY experience with the ayurvedic Wine Facial Kit from Fashion Colour.

Here’s what this kit will do over and above pampering your skin:
- Red wine gives your skin the hydration it craves
- Its anti-aging properties wipe out fine lines
- It provides an even tone and adds a natural glow

The goodness of our FC wine facial kit and how to use it

Get started with a gentle massage with the cleanser, for about 2 minutes. This deep cleans and purifies your skin. It is rich in antioxidants - Resveratrol is loaded with anti-aging properties to combat the damage done by free radicals to leave your skin smooth and soft.

Take the wine facial scrub from the kit and massage your face and neck in an outward circular motion for a good 5-7 minutes. The scrub exfoliates the skin and gently removes white and blackheads giving your skin a smooth feel and radiating glow.

Facial cream:
After washing off the scrub, apply the facial cream using your fingertips. Massage it in an upward motion for 10-15 minutes. The wine facial cream locks in moisture for firmness and elasticity. The essential oils present to allow your skin to feel fresh and toned.

Facial pack:
The next step includes applying the facial pack. Give your eyes a calming effect with slices of cucumber, until the face pack dries. This takes about 10-15minutes. This blemish-free face pack promises to rejuvenate the skin with wine and cocoa butter, making it firm while reducing visible signs of aging.

Dampen the pack with water after it dries then clean it with a damp tissue.

Facial Serum:
Take the facial serum on your fingers and apply it to your face; massage it in till it’s fully absorbed. The serum tones and tightens the skin immediately, energizing it by restoring moisture.

Our ayurvedic, non-toxic, and natural wine facial kit is the best treat you can give your face to restore the magic that you create with your smile.

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