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Ever since its inception in 2013, FASHION COLOUR is committed to its vision of Quality at an affordable price. FASHION COLOUR is growing phenomenally since its humble beginning in 2013, only because of the trust the consumers have in the brand and our commitment to deliver the best.

The growth & success was neither easy nor overnight. 15 years of hard work, persistence, research & experience finally led to the birth of brand FASHION COLOUR. Beauty products should not only be a luxury for the rich, but they should also be accessible to women of all strata. EVERY WOMAN HAS THE RIGHT TO LOOK GOOD AND FEEL CONFIDENT. This led the founder to travel to more than 10 countries, across 3 continents, to procure the best makeup products with the best key ingredients to fulfill the needs and aspirations of the consumer. After the huge success of the personal makeup range, FASHION COLOUR launched the professional Makeup series which was well accepted & appreciated by consumers & professionals alike, with open arms.  

On feedback, suggestion, and demand from the customers, FASHION COLOUR is delighted to announce the launch of the SKIN CARE SERIES---SKIN MANTRA. When everybody is looking for solutions across the globe and the whole world is looking up to INDIA, adopting & benefiting from our age-old science AYURVEDA, FASHION COLOUR decided to provide its customer the SKIN CARE range proudly MADE IN INDIA with proven & most beneficial AYURVEDASKIN MANTRA series is developed & crafted with the best natural ingredients which ensure natural glow and healthy skin. SKIN MANTRA focuses on personal care with NO side effects and NO harmful chemical effects.NO DOUBT HAPPINESS IS THE FIRST MOST IMPORTANT THING FOR SKIN TO GLOW & SHINE, SKIN MANTRA IS NEXT TO IT.

We hope you like, accept & appreciate the best SKIN MANTRA range as much as you have loved our other products.

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